Ruth’s Top 10 For November🍂

Hi friends,

I hope you are doing well and you have an awesome Thanksgiving. Just wanted to share my top 10 things I am loving for the month of November… I can’t believe it is November, this year is going by to fast.

1. I am in love with doTerra Hygge Cozy Blend and the Hygge Diffuser. It turns my home into a cozy sanctuary.

2. I recently discovered Juicing and I have fallen in love.

3. My new favorite morning routine; Detoxing.

4. doTerra Abode is my new favorite line!

5. My hubby and I have been walking on the trails enjoying the crisp air in the morning.

6. My current essential oil diffuser obsession is Hygge, Siberian Fir and Douglas Fir 🤗

7. I am in love with the Essential Life Book 7th edition 📖 This book has 14 NEW OIL PAGES, 80+ MORE PAGES OF CONTENT, AND 200+ ADDITIONAL & UPDATED ESSENTIAL OIL RECIPES & PROTOCOLS!

8. My DIY hairstyling cream.

9. Diary Free Ice cream!!

10. The Monstera (swiss cheese plant), this plant grows so fast, just place in a sunny area in your home!

These are a few of my favorite things for November ❤


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