Essential Oil Blends Every Women Should Have😊🧡👒👗

Do you enjoy making your own essential oil blends? It can be fun (and satisfying) to combine your favorite essential oils into a unique blend, made just for you. Some people simply love the excitement of trying out new combinations of oils and creating new blends.  

Maybe there’s a special essential oil blend you like to use to help you fall asleep. Or perhaps you like to apply your favorite uplifting oils to give you extra motivation in the morning. Sometimes, it can be nice to create your own personal fragrances to carry with you throughout the day.  

Whether you’re well versed in making your own essential oil blends or you’ve always wanted to try it, we’ve compiled some of the best oil combinations for any woman who wants a unique, natural fragrance.  

Simply place any of the combinations below into an empty essential oil roller bottle to create a blend that’s all your own! 

Find Your Joy 

Apply this essential oil roller bottle blend when you’re feeling a little down in the dumps and could use a pick-me-up.  

Sleep Tight 

If you just can’t seem to unwind enough to get a decent night’s sleep, try this special essential oil roller bottle blend—designed to help prepare your body and mind for rest.  

Quiet Your Mind

If you’ve had a rather tense day, invite peaceful feelings into your space with this essential oil roller bottle blend.  

Seize the Moment 

Lacking motivation or passion? Use this essential oil roller bottle blend when you need extra encouragement to tackle the day and get things done.  

Calm the Storm 

When everything feels out of whack, achieve balance in your heart and mind with this grounding, soothing essential oil roller bottle blend.  

Happy Oiling!

Ruth 🦋

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