My Radical New Lifestyle Change😊

My hubby and I have decided to make a huge lifestyle change! What is that new change? I am so glad you asked! January 1st we started a juice fast which originally started as a 10 day fast has turned into an even longer fast, we are feeling so good with loads of energy and are loosing lots of weight in the process!! We are enjoying this new lifestyle, you know God says everything He made is good, we have fruit and veggies in abundance, so why not enjoy what God has given us!! Our body needs fresh fruits and vegetables because they provide a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, so drinking juiced fruits and veggies is a fast way for our body to absorb nutrients.

I love having fresh juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner because, in addition to feeling great from eating healthy, it prevents me from eating other high-calorie, process foods. We do not like buying commercial juices because they are mostly loaded with an unhealthy amount of sugar, preservatives, coloring, and who knows what else. I like to make my own juice from fresh fruits and vegetables, and this has proven to be a lot better and healthier for us. Juicing is medicine for the modern world!

Why Is Juicing So Important?

Eating a plant-based diet is linked to lower risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers. But only one in 10 Americans gets their daily recommended 5-7 servings of vegetables and fruit. Juicing is a fun and easy way to add more fresh produce to your diet. Juicing floods the body with micronutrients that are easily digestible, so your body will get more of what it needs with less food.

The Healing Properties of Juicing
Juicing can add some variety to your diet while helping you get the necessary nutrients from fruits and vegetables. You can make juice at home with a juicer, try a trendy juice bar, or purchase freshly squeezed juices at the supermarket. Get all the facts about juicing and learn if it’s right for you.

Happy juicing!


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