Easy Self-Care Routines For 2022!!

It’s time to start a self-care routine for the new year…

Checkout what I do to take care of myself!

Exercise…I have fallen in love with exercising! I feel so good when I am done!! And the added bonus, I like what I see in the mirror!

Working out gives you endorphins, which in turn makes you happy and you feel real good as well!!

Diffusing Essential Oils…When I am done exercising… I love diffusing Essential Oils! Diffusing is a wonderful way to add health benefits to my home, with just a few drops of oils.

Skin Care…I always cleanse my face with doTerra Essential Skin Care line, it’s like giving my self a facial every night😊 I apply Immortelle Anti-Aging and Yarrow-Pom to my face… I love these beautiful oils, my face is so soft and blemish free!!

Healthy Eating…What better way to take care of yourself than to eat healthy… My favorite lunch, Salads..

Have Fun…My hubby and I have started frogfitness.com Great way to get an awesome workout, works upper and lower body!

Self-care is so important! When you are healthy your household is healthy… so ladies take time to incorporate self-care in your daily routine!!!

Do you have a favorite self-care routine? Please share.

Have a Happy Healthy Day,


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