Balsam Fir

Enjoy the smells of the holiday season! 🎄
Native to North America, balsam fir trees tower at over 80 feet tall and produce needle-like leaves. Primarily used for pulp and construction, the balsam fir tree doesn’t respond well to urban pollution and isn’t plentiful in cities, preferring to grow in the woods where the air is fresh and clean.
ß-Pinene, a main chemical constituent, may have properties that help create an uplifting atmosphere. ß-Pinene could also be effective in soothing the skin when applied topically as part of a calming massage.
Balsam Fir essential oil is steam-distilled from the bark of the tree, producing a fresh, woody aroma. This brilliant product enlivens, awakens, and energizes the atmosphere. Inhaling the majestic aroma is sure to inspire holiday memories!

Happy Oiling,

Ruth 🦋

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