Where is Frankincense Sourced?

Frankincense essential oil comes from the Sanaag region of Somaliland, which makes up over a third of the country’s total land. Harvesting frankincense resin is the main source of income.

Normally, frankincense resin is sold to shopkeepers (who then sell it to intermediaries and consolidators for export). This system often takes advantage of the harvesters, who end up being paid the lowest wages for the hardest work.
doTERRA goes directly to the people who harvest and sort resin. doTERRA has contributed to the construction of warehouses where it’s collected, sorted, and stored, which provides important employment opportunities in these remote areas. The warehouses function like a cooperative, organizing harvesters and shopkeepers into a network.
Working at the source provides improved transparency, fairness, employment opportunities, and security for those participating in the supply chain and adding the most value. It’s why I love Co-Impact Sourcing®!

Happy Oiling,

Ruth 🦋

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