Product of the Month: Fennel

Fennel Product Description Used for centuries in a variety of applications, fennel seed is known for its distinct licorice flavour and aroma. Today, this seed is distilled into a fragrant, powerful essential oil. Fennel essential oil provides modern households with a huge variety of uses; try it in the kitchen, in aromatherapy, and topically. This unique essential … Continue reading Product of the Month: Fennel

Take a Peak Inside Digestive Kit 2✨😀

What’s in Digestive Kit 2? Everything! It’s filled with so many of my favorite go-to products for digestive support. GingerCloveTamer®SpearmintPeppermint SoftgelsExclusive gifts: doTERRA® Fiber sachet and travel mug Which product will you be trying first? - Shop my favorite Essential Oil resource… use my coupon code RMCGOWEN5 for $5 off your $25 … Continue reading Take a Peak Inside Digestive Kit 2✨😀

DigestZen TerraZyme®

Digestive Enzyme Complex DigestZen TerraZyme promotes food tolerance and eases gas and bloating with 10 critical digestive enzymes that are required for healthy digestion but may be missing in the modern diet.* Take as needed for occasional upset, or take daily for proactive digestive support.* Usage Tips: Take DigestZen TerraZyme with you while traveling and … Continue reading DigestZen TerraZyme®

New Digestive Kits

Get wellness delivered straight to your door with our Digestive Wellness Program. Each month for three months, we’ll send you a new collection of products specifically selected to support a healthy digestive system.* Description The Digestive Wellness Program is everything you need to calm unwanted digestive disruptions and discomforts naturally, while also promoting overall healthy … Continue reading New Digestive Kits