Summer Fun With Our Grandbaby 💛🥳🏝🏖🌞

We love being grandparents to this little guy. He is our first grandbaby and we love him so much. Our son and daughter-n-law live in Minnesota, so we don't get to see our little one that often, when we do we cherish the moments!! It's raining bubbles ☺ Hanging out at the zoo with his … Continue reading Summer Fun With Our Grandbaby 💛🥳🏝🏖🌞

Celebrating 36 Years of Wedded Bliss❤️

36 years ago I married my friend, my love, my life! We are still in Love after all of these years. I would marry him all over again!! Making God the center of our marriage is the best thing we could have ever done!! How long have you been married? Are you still in love? … Continue reading Celebrating 36 Years of Wedded Bliss❤️

Happy Mother’s Day💐

I hope your Mother's Day is extra sweet and special! Mother's Day celebration was fantastic, celebrating with family and our 86 year old mother! This year my brother hosted the event. We had a fun time, eating, swimming and laughing. We always have loads of fun when we all get together. We are so grateful … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day💐

Thanksgiving 2021🦃

Thanksgiving this year was awesome and I’am so grateful to God! I’am a new grandmother (YiaYia) my grandson and his parents were here from cold Minnesota❄️ We also got to celebrate with my 86 year old mother, and siblings 😊 I never thought I could love someone other than my hubby as much as I … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2021🦃

I Love Being a Grandmother👵🏼

My hubby and I are first time grandparents! Our grandson and his parents live in Minnesota. We love road trips so I guess we will be taking many trips to see our little man👶🏼 Lolo YiaYia He loves his Lolo🥰 The drive is long, but it is so worth it, to see that cute little … Continue reading I Love Being a Grandmother👵🏼