Thanksgiving 2021🦃

Thanksgiving this year was awesome and I’am so grateful to God! I’am a new grandmother (YiaYia) my grandson and his parents were here from cold Minnesota❄️ We also got to celebrate with my 86 year old mother, and siblings 😊 I never thought I could love someone other than my hubby as much as I … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2021🦃

I Love Being a Grandmother👵🏼

My hubby and I are first time grandparents! Our grandson and his parents live in Minnesota. We love road trips so I guess we will be taking many trips to see our little man👶🏼 Lolo YiaYia He loves his Lolo🥰 The drive is long, but it is so worth it, to see that cute little … Continue reading I Love Being a Grandmother👵🏼