DIY Jasmine Rice Facial Toner!!

Here is another great DIY I love DIY... using items from my kitchen is awesome, here is one of my latest DIY's 🙂 Jasmine Rice Face Toner!! If you’ve never washed your face with rice water, you’ve been missing out! This DIY rice water toner uses only rice and water as its ingredients and will … Continue reading DIY Jasmine Rice Facial Toner!!

Easy DIY Washing Machine Cleaner🤍

Try this great DIY Washing Machine Cleaner.. Your washing machine is a breeding ground for all sorts of mold, mildew, and soap scum. Take heart, there are many preventative steps you can take so you can feel like your clothes are clean and fresh every time you do laundry. 🧺 Once a week after you’ve … Continue reading Easy DIY Washing Machine Cleaner🤍