Hair Perfume 👗👜💄💛

Hair perfume is a great way to leave those you pass by with the sweet and enticing aroma of essential oils. Lightly spray it on your hair to keep it smelling sweet and fresh. Feel free to switch up the essential oils used in this recipe to create your perfect aroma. Ingredients ⅓ cup rose … Continue reading Hair Perfume 👗👜💄💛

It’s DIY Wednesday 🎅🌲💚

It’s DIY Wednesday! Here are a couple of ideas for gift giving LIP SCRUB This delicious, natural, exfoliating lip scrub will leave your lips feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Customize it by using any of your favorite essential oils. For extra soft lips, apply lip balm after the scrub. Ingredients4 teaspoons brown sugar3 teaspoons virgin … Continue reading It’s DIY Wednesday 🎅🌲💚

DIY Protein Hair Mask😊

I love, love making my own hair treatments!! I use items found in my kitchen... Here is my latest DIY: Protein Hair Mask: 1 tbsp Unflavored Knox gelatin 2 tbsp Conditioner 👉 (I love this brand ) 1 tsp Organic honey 1 tsp Bragg's Apple Cider vinegar 2 tsp Organic Olive oil 1 1/2 cup … Continue reading DIY Protein Hair Mask😊

Try this Easy Natural Deodorant

Out of deodorant or simply looking for a DIY version? Mix these essential oils together, pour them into a recycled essential oil bottle, and apply. For extra support, apply Neroli Touch with the blend. Happy Oilling, Ruth 🦋 Shop my favorite Essential Oil resource… use my coupon code RMCGOWEN5 for $5 off your $25 or … Continue reading Try this Easy Natural Deodorant

DIY Beard Oil 👨

It’s as easy as one, two, three!Mix the essential oils together.Add the mixture to a recycled essential oil bottle or another glass bottle.Shake once in the bottle.Dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil as needed and apply to the face to enjoy the benefits of three amazing essential oils! Happy Oilling, Ruth 🦋 Shop my favorite Essential … Continue reading DIY Beard Oil 👨

My Daily Skincare Regimen💛✨

My skincare routine is very simple, check it out below 👇👇👇👇 Shop my favorite Essential Oil resource… use my coupon code RMCGOWEN5 for $5 off your $25 or more purchase Have a Happy Healthy day!! Ruth

Sun Protecting Hair Spray

When spending time in the sun, your skin isn’t the only thing you should be worried about protecting. Too much sun exposure can cause damage to your hair and lead to dry, brittle strands. The good news is you can use sunscreen to protect your hair, just like the rest of your body. Beauty products … Continue reading Sun Protecting Hair Spray

Let’s Clean With Citronella🧹🧽

DIY Citronella Multi-purpose cleaner:Fill a spray bottle with 10oz of water or almost to the top of the bottleDrop 10 or more drops of Citronella insideShake the bottle and spray Use this cleaner in your kitchen or bathroom for a floral and lemon-like scent!🌼🍋 Happy Cleaning, Ruth 🦋 Shop my favorite Essential Oil resource… use … Continue reading Let’s Clean With Citronella🧹🧽